Glass House in Castor Bay

This architectural family home, situated on Castor Bay Heights, boasts a stunning 180-degree sea view. The house features extensive glass elements throughout its design. We assisted our clients in creating a striking black and white kitchen, complete with a cooking scullery and an impressive Lego Shelf crafted by Nobilia. To optimize the space, we incorporated a "secret door" from the kitchen to the scullery, enhancing the kitchen's sleek and elegant appearance. The door is finished with Easytouch by Nobilia, which includes an anti-fingerprint coating for added convenience. With high-end Miele appliances to complement the kitchen's luxury feel. The island we designed is clad in Porcelain by Neolith, made in Spain, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal. Wall units feature auto-doors for added convenience, while the entry lounge units showcase a beautiful natural stone back cladding, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Our clients are avid Lego collectors, and we were fortunate to create a dedicated space in their living room for their medium-sized Lego displays. The pole railing system perfectly showcases their Lego artworks, integrating seamlessly into the overall design of their home. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative design solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs and interests.
The Brief