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Green does matter, it matters more and more, to each and every one of us. You do have a choice to make that difference.

April 22, 2024


Like many of us, I have been what can only be described as a ‘’closet greenie’’ – I have always been aware of environmental impact and what is right and wrong from a sustainability aspect. However, the times we live in, right now, are increasingly demanding more of our attention and caring about this planet we all share.

The headlines are constantly bringing the global message home, with unprecedented flooding, fires, heatwaves, droughts, and the constant reminder as to how far behind we really are from the internationally recognised requirements we need to meet, in order to truly play our part.

Easytouch Green Kitchen

To this end, we at KitchenHaus are extremely proud of the level to which our supply partners in Germany, adhere to their intensely serious commitment to manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable way. Germany as a nation has for decades now been very environmentally conscious – in fact, they are one of the world's leading economies to be so. Nobilia, our primary manufacturer/supplier, has been the largest volume kitchen manufacturer in Germany for the last 70 years. The company manufactures upward of 3400 kitchens a day – for both national and global consumption. As such, the strictest awareness of environmental impact is adhered to.

The Cyle of a Nobilia Kitchen

So, we say to ourselves, perhaps subconsciously, yes this is great but how does it affect me? It affects all of us and we are being made increasingly aware of the ‘real and now’ of it all. It is about how can we all help. You can help by using suppliers of products that are genuinely investing in both ours and our children’s future. Manufacturers of goods we all use that are ‘’doing their bit’’ to uphold the strictest environmentally friendly production methods possible.

Let me give you some real eye-opening facts about Nobilia’s approach to this.

Raw materials – it all starts with a couple of trees when it comes to manufacturing kitchens! Nobilia is certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
Schemes). Where a tree is taken, a replacement is planted. This guarantees that the wood used originates from sustainably managed forests.

In manufacturing there is of course a degree of waste bi-products – the wood chips, off cuts etc are used in the manufacture of new wood product panels. Nobilia produce 90,000 tonnes of wood waste a year- an incredible amount of material that is being recycled to live another life!
Here is one that I found interesting – modern kitchens, worldwide, generally sit on adjustable plastic feet – these sit behind the kickboard panels between the floor and cabinets – well in Nobilias case, these are made of a product called granulite plastic made from recycled yoghurt containers, food packaging and waste bin liners! A carbon footprint is measured by the amount of CO2 emitted. The vast Nobilia factories, scattered around Germany are so serious about emissions and waste that their lights are all LED, they recycle the heat given off by air compressors and other general heat generating machinery, and use it to heat their factories in winter. All packaging materials are recyclable.

Globally, more than ever, and as per The Paris Agreement on global emissions and climate change, we all need to do our bit. Nobilia have an approach of ‘’prevention first, then recycling’’ – in other words, prevent emissions and waste where possible, but given some waste is inevitable – recycle everything possible. Of note too is that the materials used in the manufacture of Nobilia kitchens use very few chemicals. Other manufacturers both here in NZ and globally, use board made to construct the cabinet ‘carcase’ or actual cupboards that is often high in Formaldehyde – a chemical used in the resins typically used in wood-based products in the cabinetry industry.

So yes, green does matter, it matters more and more, to each and every one of us. You do have a choice to make that difference, no matter how small or large it may be, it all helps and collectively, with the approach and conscious direction that companies such as Nobilia and KitchenHaus have strongly implemented, we can all hope for a better future and world ahead! Contact KitchenHaus Auckland today to order your environment friendly kitchen from us.